Pecherskie lipki

Design project of a two-level apartment, for a young couple with children, with a total area of ​​86 sq. m. On the first floor of the room: living room, kitchen-dining room, guest bathroom, entrance groups with a staircase leading to the second floor where the master bedroom, children's and large bathroom.

The main task was to create a light and unobtrusive interior with a feeling unloaded space.

Immediately upon entering the apartment, we see the "highlight" of the interior staircase with a snowboard steps of marble, under which the built-in wardrobe. For complete harmony, painting the facade of the cabinet in the color of the walls creates the effect of a single continuous line that visually increase the room.

The combined living room and kitchen-dining room are divided into separate zones. Marble The column, with built-in fireplace and TV, acts as a link between them.

The luxurious chandelier above the dining table effectively highlights this part of the room, the most does not allow to merge with the rest of the space. Bright colors of the walls and the severity of the lines expands the space and adds air, and bright color spots in textiles give the interior character and mood. Bright sofa highlights the living room zone, light techniques will focus the attention of guests and hosts on refined items decor and furniture: a Poliform designer chair in the Mad Chair collection in leather upholstery with high back, exclusive wall panel with gold molding. Dotted the lighting flows smoothly from the living room to the kitchen, unobtrusively combining these zones.

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