New York Concept House

One bedroom apartment for a modern, business woman. From the wishes - comfortable, practical, modern interior. This project began with what the customer wanted feel lightness, airiness and more light in your apartment.

Given the small area of ​​the apartment, we stopped at the Scandinavian style with minimalism elements. Predominant white color with wood texture allowed visually expand the space, make housing more comfortable, bright and spacious.

In order not to narrow the space in the hallway and the kitchen-living room, we make the wardrobe hidden mounting painted white on the wall. In general, furniture and walls are visually expanded. premises, and wooden “stains” placed accents. Pulling visually space up applying high non-standard doors. Colored notes in textiles diluted the composition scheme. Large bedroom size made it possible to add the most the necessary part for any woman is a separate dressing room. But the main the component of the entire interior, which remained behind the scenes, is light, open, relaxed nature of the customer. It was he who was the main inspiration for creating this interior.

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